Do I Have Options?

While most title companies turn to their title production software companies for online TMS solutions, this may not be the best solution. Most title production software companies are geared toward providing client/server software and, therefore, have little or no experience developing and maintaining Internet-based services. The lack of Internet expertise results in systems that lack functionality and user-friendliness. Worse yet, the dependability of many of these systems have been less than is required for a title company's outward facing interface with all of its closing parties.

Fortunately, it is possible to implement a high quality service that integrates with your existing title production software from independent providers of online TMS. ClosingSite is the leading online TMS available today. In addition to being the most full-featured and user-friendly online TMS available, ClosingSite can be integrated with almost any title production software.

Now that you recognize that you do have a choice, lets look at the criteria for evaluating online TMS.