Advanced OnlineTMS Features

In addition to the basic features, there are any number of additional features that may be found in online TMS.  The most useful and important to consider are: 

  • Fax and Email Delivery of Documents
    The ability to send documents via email or fax directly from the online TMS.
  • Inbound Fax and Email receipt of document
    The ability to receive inbound faxes and email attachments directly within the system can greatly reduce the effort of maintaining the system and streamline the current document management process.
  • Extensive Branding
    Includes matching site color schemes and graphics to existing site and locating the online TMS at a domain or sub-domain of your choosing.
  • Advanced Event Management
    Including pre-defined event templates, automatic due date calculation, system wide event tracking and reporting.
  • Automatic Document Security Management
    The ability to setup global document security for various document types.
  • Customizable Interface
    The ability to turn off unwanted features and define roles and pull-down selections to match your business.