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Our ClosingSite Online Transaction Management Solution (OTMS) has a broad range of features, from the basic to highly advanced features that greatly increase productivity.

We currently offer service plans, Silver and Gold.  The Silver plan includes the majority the product features of our product with less customization options.

Gold Silver Feature
Secure web based transaction management for your employees and clients
Secure document management with document security and templates (view, email and faxing)
  Secure email recipient verification (prior to sending) - Verifies recipient mail server can receive TLS encrypted emails.
  Scan document directly from your scanner to your secure website.  Use bar code when scanning to automatically separate documents and identify transaction documents.

Microsoft Outlook Add In - publish received documents and emails
    Microsoft Outlook Add In - send emails from Outlook utilizing file information (recipients, document, merge templates, etc.)
    Microsoft Outlook Add In - TLS encrypted email verification (prior to sending) 
Microsoft Word Addin allow users to publish Word or PDF straight from Microsoft Word. Document version history is maintained for future modifications.
    Text Messaging - send text message from ClosingSite to recipient cell phones.
Email Templates with transaction data merge
Generate documents with transaction data merge
Task/Event Tracking with auto calculating due dates

Issue Tracking

  Transaction Notes for employee only access
Complaint Log for ALTA Compliance
Data integration with popular title production software (LANDTECH, SoftPro, RamQuest, and more)
Secure branded website (only includes custom color scheme, your logo and contact information, domain
Secure Online Order Forms
   Secure Online Information Request Forms - obtain Buyer, Seller, Borrower, Payoff Authorization Information

Secure branded website located on your domain (i.e.
Site can be used for your www website (i.e. 

2 hours of free monthly support by email or phone.
Marketing CRM
  Business Analytics & Reports
  Seminars & Classes Module - Post seminars date, description and allow website visitors to register
  Testimonials Module - easily maintain your customer testimonials
Custom Secure Online Order Forms
Custom Secure Online Information Request Forms - obtain Buyer, Seller, Borrower, Payoff Authorization Information
Closing Disclosure Calculators
Custom Report and Charts