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Simple, powerful, and affordable online transaction management for any size title company.  Both plans are month to month service plans, no annual or multiple year commitments/contracts!  
Plan Setup
(one time fee)
Setup Time  Per Transaction
Site Fee 
Silver  $250 + integration fee  1 day   $5  $50 Unlimited Free* $75/hr billed on 1/4 hour.
Gold  $500 + integration fee  variable*  as low as $4*  $100 Unlimited Free*  2 hours included each month
$75/hr billed on 1/4 hour.
Upgrade from Silver to Gold at any time!

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* Gold Service Plan transaction fee is based on monthly transaction volume.  Receive billing credits for cancelled transactions.

* Gold Service Plan Setup Time - the average is 3 days, however time varies based on configuration options and customer availability.

* Integration fee is $250 for most software.  There is no integration fee for Landtech.

*Email Support: Email support is provided free of charge.  While we strive to provide fast turn around on all support emails we guarantee that Silver Service Plan customer will receive a response from our support staff (non-automated) within 1 business day and Gold Service Plan customers will receive a response from our support staff 6 business hours.