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ClosingSite has revolutionized our closing process. By changing from a file based process to a task based process our closers are able to handle more volume with less stress. We could never have implemented a process like that without the task based workflow in ClosingSite. The software and staff are incredibly easy to work with leading to the best user experience of any software package I have ever used.
Jeremy CTO - Virginia Beach, VA
customer since 2015   
ClosingSite is one of the greatest things we have ever stumbled upon. The ability to sync with our software and give us a way to track files in real time is a great business tool. Not to mention the ability of sending secure messages gives us added help to staying compliant with Best Practices and CFPB.
Jonathan - Florida Title Company
customer since 2014   
ClosingSite is hands down the best real time file management system I have used in my twelve year real estate closing practice. ClosingSite has allowed my law firm to go practically paperless, reducing my monthly paper costs by nearly seventy five percent.

My response time to clients has increased and the number of incoming phone calls have significantly decreased due to the fact my clients have 24/7 secure access to their files. In addition, I received my third party ALTA Best Practices certification in large part due to ClosingSite's compliance with protecting consumer Non-Public Private Information.

Further, anytime I have a question, concern or technical issue, the people at ClosingSite  respond within minutes. I have never had to take a "ticket" or wait more than ten minutes before someone is personally helping me.

Finally, my clients love ClosingSite . It is one of my best marketing tools. I could not run my practice at my current level of production or quality control without ClosingSite. I would literally need to add additional staff if I did not have ClosingSite

Tim - Attorney/Owner- Hoover, AL
customer since 2011   
ClosingSite has completely transformed the way we do closings and handle our business. It has allowed our closing team to have a strategic streamlined process to adhere to, based on the type of transaction they are working on and it has given our managers the ability to quickly and proficiently review closings, track issues that may arise, and arrange workload. 

As a small company, it has allowed us to have a competitive edge against the larger companies in our market, as far as the service level that we are able to provide to our customers because of the ease of use and template system. ClosingSite gives us the flexibility to customize almost every aspect of our site and they are constantly improving and innovating technology on their side in order to keep us on the cutting edge of our industry. 

ClosingSite is by far the most advanced and well thought-out transaction management system that I have encountered and I highly recommend it to others in the industry.

Jen - Settlement Agent - Seattle, WA
customer since 2013   
Wonderful addition to our data retention process and communication with our lenders, real estate agents, buyers and sellers!
Penny - Legal Assistant - Savannah, Georgia
customer since 2011   
In 2005 I was looking for a solution to replace my "Frankenstein" setup of FTP servers to post documents and closing packages for clients and my remote settlement officers. Along came the Pope boys to the rescue. We immediately saved money by not having to provide, build, and maintain a website, FTP server, or online transaction management system. 

This system is truly a personally customized system. I built this system for the specific needs of my company and clientele. Through the ClosingSite system we were about to increase our workflow efficiency and establish an instant connection with our clients. As we worked through our established checklists, we weren't duplicating work or having to stop and check to see if certain items were completed. We just checked off the items on our checklist and all of our inside staff was immediately on the same page. The most impressive aspect was that our clients were notified in an instant exactly where we were with their file. This eliminated most of the phone calls, "I'm just calling to see if such and such is back or ready." Just by checking the site, my clients know if it's ready or not.

As an owner, I need to know what's going on everywhere within the company and you can't always be everywhere. The reports that I could generate from the site kept me on top of our internal turn times, but also allowed me to keep an eye on my vendor turn times.

I wish I could not recommend ClosingSite as a valuable business partner, but that would only be to keep them to myself. When you find out your competition is using ClosingSite, call ClosingSite or plan on losing business. 

Yes, it's that good!
James - Owner - Baltimore, Maryland
customer since 2008   
I cannot say enough wonderful things about ClosingSite and their team. We started out with an idea and the team at ClosingSite brought it to life above and beyond what we expected. They are available to help train on the tools offered and always willing to go above and beyond on any requests we have for changes. They are super friendly, knowledgeable & always willing to help! I highly recommend this company!
Michelle - Escrow Officer/Operations Manager - Nashville, Tennessee
customer since 2012   
ClosingSite is fantastic! Our staff and clients love having a central place to store documents, make notes, check off tasks, and keep track of what's going on at any given time on any given file. In this day of out of office, mobile and crazy in and out hours it is extremely helpful. I was even able to assist a valuable client in minutes while I was 800 miles away on "vacation" as if I was sitting in the office!

But even more than that, the ClosingSite staff are amazing! So knowledgeable, helpful and quick! It was wonderful to work with Adrian, he knew the terms, rules and lingo of our industry so he was able to anticipate our needs as well as make helpful suggestions to make our site the envy of our competition. If I had questions, he was right there to help, needed changes or some assistance... again.. right there. You almost felt like he just waited for you to need him and poof.. there he was!

I highly recommend ClosingSite to anyone needing a centralized site to handle their workflow. It was the best decision I made for my company and I believe we've grown because of it.
Heather - Owner - Colonial Heights, Virginia
customer since 2015   
Adrian and Kyle at ClosingSite are a pleasure to work with. Not only is the program user friendly and relevant to what we do on a day to day basis but they are a wealth of information on the techy stuff that most of us just do not understand.

Excellent on all counts!!
Jacquie - Attorney/Owner - Jupiter, Florida
customer since 2012