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About ClosingSite

ClosingSite is an internet-based (cloud) service that enables companies to securely manage documents and information for real estate closings.  Additionally, it allows collaboration with all parties via Internet, secure email and fax. The advanced functions and unmatched user-friendliness of ClosingSite have made it the collaborative portal of choice for title companies which cultivate a culture of customer service and quality.

About Loop Information Systems

Loop Information Systems, Inc. is a privately owned corporation founded in 2003 and based in Houston, Texas. We are focused on providing industry-leading technology solutions to the real estate community. Loop owns and licenses the ClosingSite service and also offers electronic document management services customized to client needs.

Our Team

The Loop Team is composed of individuals with vast experience in real estate, technology, electronic document management and Internet-based business. We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services, while remaining focused on the function and utility they provide.

Background Check Compliance

At Loop Information Systems, Inc. background checks are conducted on all new employees prior to employment and on all employees every 3 years (minimum). This includes all employees who will have access to customer/client data or Non-Public Private Information (NPI).

Loop Information Systems, Inc. uses a third-party agency to conduct all background checks. Information collected by the agency includes criminal history as well as may include past employment, education, character, finances and reputation. Any employee whose background check is not 100% clean will be immediately prevented from accessing any customer/client data, information, or NPI.

Client Data Policy

  • Contact information: including names, email addresses, street addresses, and direct, business and fax phone numbers are not redistributed, sold or used in any manner by Loop outside of providing Loop services to clients.
  • Transaction information: any information regarding transactions is not redistributed, sold or used any manner by Loop outside of providing Loop services to clients.
  • Background Checks: All employees with access to customer data and/or nonpublic private information (NPI) undergo pre-hire criminal background checks going back a minimum of five years. At least every three years, Loop employees undergo subsequent criminal background checks going back a minimum of five years. Loop provides no access (physical or virtual) to customer data and/or NPI to any non-Loop employees (including vendors, contractors, or similar).
  • Former Employees (Termination of employment): All physical and virtual access are immediately removed to company network and facilities for all former employees.

How Do We Protect Transaction Information?

  • ClosingSite client websites are secured with an encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL), provided by either GoDaddy, Network solutions, or similar provider. SSLs are commonly identified by the "https" URL.
  • ClosingSite does not provide a contact database field for storing contact Social Security Numbers; due to the fact this information is not necessary for the purposes of transaction management.
  • ClosingSite provides a privacy flag for every contact profile, which can be defaulted on or off depending on the contact role (buyer, seller, realtor, lender, etc.). When the privacy flag is turned on, no external parties to a transaction can see any information except the parties first and last names.
  • Access to transactions is limited to authorized users. Each time an authorized user logs into the client website, a site log is created which contains all user activity which includes pages visited, the user’s IP address, referring URL, access URL, user agent and date and time stamps.
  • Document Access – External users cannot access any document for transactions that the user is not an assigned as a transaction party. Within a transaction, external users cannot access any document for which they have not be given access. Each document access is recorded with the user account and access date and time.
  • Secure Messages - Secure messages can be sent to authorized parties to a transaction. A secure message consists of 2 parts, the first is an email which party receives to inform them of a secure message. The second part is the secure message.  When the user accesses your website they can view their secure messages, and reply securely. Since the secure messages are accessed via a web browser, security is provided through SSL which encrypts all data transferred from the web server to the web browser.
  • Secure Email – Loop email servers are configured to both send and receive TLS secure email. Loop can enable TLS email validation prior to sending email communications from your website. When this feature is enabled, email communications will generate a warning message if Loop's email server is unable to confirm the recipient's email servers can receive email securely via TLS.